Lake Haven Custom Meat Processing offers USDA inspected slaughter and processing, available five days a week. We are excited to provide the opportunity for local farmers to further market their products and make locally grown products more available in our area.

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USDA Inspected Slaughter

Lake Haven Custom Meat Processing
We understand that each customer may have specific needs and requests, and will price according to their specific situation. Please give us a call for more information. Internet pricing is subject to change without notice.


$.75/pound hot hanging weight – Slaughter, Hang and Process

$20/ Per Animal Inspection Fee

$.40/pound - Grinding Charge

$15/Day - Hang time over 14 days

$56.50/ Hour – Voluntary inspection fee (Elk & Buffalo) 



$90/ Per Animal - All grinding is included 

$20/ Per Animal Inspection Fee




$56.50/Hour Voluntary Inspection Rate plus Mileage


Lake Haven Meats will accommodate you the best we can. Please call in advance for appointment times. If you have poultry, please contact us with the approximate week that your birds will be ready to secure your spot.



We can customize your USDA labels to further market your products with your business logo. There is an initial label set-up fee of $380. Please allow 2-3 weeks for labels to be designed through our software company. If no logo is provided, your name/business name, address, phone number and website will be generated on your label for no additional fee.


Please note that any special claims you wish to make on your label (such as grass fed, free range, etc.) will need USDA certification and can take 6-8 weeks for approval. We will need to be provided with the appropriate documentation to support your claims. Please contact us with any questions or concerns about labeling.


We will package your product to your specifications. Vacuum sealing is available as well as wrapped in food grade plastic bags and butcher paper. Give us a call to review a detailed processing sheet and packaging options.



All animals slaughtered under USDA inspection are required to be ambulatory upon arrival for pre-slaughter inspection. Animals are held in covered holding pens with access to water and food at all times.



Buffalo, Elk and Rabbit that are slaughtered under USDA inspection are subject to a hourly Voluntary Inspection fee. Voluntary Inspection Rate is accrued while the animal is being slaughtered and while it is processed.


Rabbits slaughtered under USDA inspection require a Vet present along with the inspector. This requires travel time, which varies and will be billed per half hour of travel time. This is in addition to the slaughter time. Please contact us with any questions or concerns on voluntary charges.