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SINCE 2001

Beef Processing
Quality Retail Meats
Lake Haven Custom Meat Processing

Lake Haven Custom Meat Processing (Lake Haven Meats) began as a small custom shop in rural Sturgeon Lake, MN. Lake Haven was started by Archie Johnson in 2001. Archie had extensive experience butchering his and his neighbors’ livestock so at the request of a growing customer base, Archie launched Lake Haven Custom Meat Processing. After his passing in 2008, Lake Haven remained in the family and was taken over by his grandson, Al Hjelmberg and has grown significantly over the past 20 years. Seeing a need among local producers and answering that need is what built Lake Haven Custom Meat Processing into what it is today.

The current facility is located within the original Lake Haven Farm, which has been in the family since 1892. The company has served local livestock producers and area farmers with custom slaughter and meat cutting services for over 20 years. Lake Haven Custom Meat Processing serves a customer base in Pine and Carlton counties primarily, offering custom processing for beef, hogs, sheep and goats. In addition to custom processing, we service local household consumers with quality bulk beef and pork which is available through custom cut quarters or halves. A service which allows conscious consumers in the area access to premium, locally raised meat at a reasonable price.


Lake Haven Meats completed construction on a brand new facility in early 2015. This space allows for better accommodation for current custom customers, as well as the many new ones we have met.  In June of this year, Lake Haven received a federal grant of inspection through the USDA and now is proud to offer inspected slaughter and processing for beef, hogs, sheep and goats, as well as buffalo, elk, rabbits and poultry. This service is not offered anywhere in our area and we are excited to expand our customer base by offering a closer option for those who already retail their products and an opportunity for those who would like to.

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