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Poultry Processing

All poultry processed at Lake Haven Custom Meats is done under USDA inspection. We offer inspected processing on chickens and turkeys only. Due to the increased demand for poultry processing, going forward, we will only be accepting meat birds. We will no longer process any mature roosters or hens. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.


We are now offering cut up service on chickens and turkeys. Please refer to our custom poultry form for further instructions. Please have your poultry form completed and drop off with your birds on your scheduled day or prior to your appointment date.



$4.50/Bird - Chickens

$10.00/Bird - Turkeys 15 pounds and under

$.75/Pound - Turkeys over 15 pounds



$.25/Bird - Necks

$.25/Bird - Hearts

$.25/Bird - Livers

$.50/Bird - Feet



$2.00/Chicken any cut ups (halved, quartered or pieced out)

$3.00/Turkey any cut ups (halved, quartered or pieced out)


$.40/Bag – Each bag over one per bird

$.35/ Bird – Drumming wings

$.50/ Each – De-boned breast/thighs



No phone calls are made for poultry orders, as most are ready the day after arrival. You have three days from date of your poultry appointment to pick up your order. Any order held more than three days without prior arrangements made, will be charged $5.00 per day.


Please schedule your poultry dates in advance! We have a limited amount of dates available and ask that you call ahead and make an appointment before your birds are ordered if possible. Our season will start in April and run through September. As of this update, 5/3/24, WE DO NOT HAVE ANY AVAILABLE OPENINGS.



Because all our birds are processed and packaged under inspection, labeling information is needed at time of drop off. Our standard labeling is included with all orders. If you would like your logo on your label, custom labeling is available for a one time set up fee. This fee depends on how long it will take our software company to create your custom design with your logo. Average cost is $380 - $400 and is a onetime fee. If you have any special claims you would like to add to your label, please let us know as this needs prior approval through the USDA. Please contact us with any questions or concerns on custom labels or special claims.



Whole birds are shrink bagged, weighed and labeled. Cut up birds will be vacuum packaged per your specifications, weighed and labeled. Giblets and feet are paper wrapped at no extra bag charge, vacuum packaged for the additional bag fee. Please download and complete our custom poultry form and bring with you the day of your appointment or email ahead of time.



We do not like to hold birds longer than needed. Drop off is recommended the morning of your scheduled date. We do not like to handle birds more than needed. Crates or trailers that you can leave with us and pick up when your birds are done are preferred. If you need to transport your birds upon arrival, please let us know ahead of time so we can accommodate.

Your whole birds will be frozen and ready for you the next day. Since the cut up option is new to us, please plan to pick up your order two days from your scheduled date. Freezer space is always limited, so prompt pick up is always appreciated!! No phone calls will be made for poultry pick-up, your birds will be done the same day/next day of your appointment date!


PLEASE withhold feed the afternoon/night before your appointment. Clean crops make our life so much easier! As do clean birds!

All birds are subject to an anti mortem and post mortem inspection. Dead birds upon arrival inspection will be discarded. Each bird is inspected for wholesomeness by the USDA. Lake Haven is not responsible for condemned birds. Birds may be condemned for airsacculitis, septicemia, or other conditions that are not determined or detected until evisceration.

Bruised or broken parts will be trimmed or removed per the inspector’s request. This bruising will sometimes happen during or prior to travel and will result in a bird with missing parts.

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